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PROXY remains in an early, unfinished state. The game has been tested and works, but the specific values of plots, actions, replenishment and unit statistics are open to change for better balancing. Likewise, the book itself may undergo changes, revisions and redesigns in the future. For now, consider Proxy a prototype. Pricing will stay pay-as-you-wish until it is considered finished.


PROXY is a tabletop game of grand covert strategy, eponymously set around a handful of nations engaged in proxy war. The war they're working through is the Civil War of Gauttland, a kingdom with three warring claims for the crown, a separatist region fighting for independence, and a republican revolt looking to establish a democratic state.

In Proxy, players do not control these internal factions. Instead, a game master known as the Conflict Overseer manages each of the factions as omni-NPCs, telling the story of the war's narrative. 

Each faction vies for military position, political control and public support of Gauttland's constituent provinces. The players each control one of five Foreign Realms, power regional neighbors who are looking to increase their power and standing by manipulating the war to their ends. Players control all clandestine involvement in the conflict; supplying factions with money and arms, turning the populace against their rulers and sabotaging each other's attempts to do the same. They may play the field or ally with one of the factions openly, even going so far as to overthrow their leadership and make them a puppet.

Every player's objectives in the game are randomized and hidden from each other. No player knows what any other player is supposed to accomplish, and if they are the target of another's machinations. There are no rules concerning diplomacy between players; all trust and suspicion is left to the group. To paraphrase departed paranoiac Richard Milhouse Nixon: "We want to see as much ratfucking as possible".


The official map for Proxy is located on our main storefront page. There is also a checklist pdf available for people who want to convert the rules to their own tabletop setting.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsespionage, Fantasy, Medieval, Strategy RPG, Tabletop, War
Average sessionA few hours


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Is Network Deck supposed to one for all Realms or separate deck for each Realm?

Each Foreign Realm should have their own network deck


The Ducal Pretender's starting regions aren't mentioned in the setup section.


Thanks for the heads up. Codex is fixed. Sorry about that


A wonderful intersection of TTRPG and grand stratergy

Can't imagine a better thing to hear, thank you!

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caught me just at the right time 2 (playing alot of paradox interactive grand strategy stuff rn)